Pathfinder Round Robin

Thus far

To be updated at a later date:

PC’s met with Bartleby Sirensong, a fellow Pathfinder who was in need of finding his friend Jeph, an archiologist who recently purchased the land a dig site was on. Jeph was three days late, something unusual for him. As such Bartleby sent the adventurers out to find him.

En route: Goblins of unusual tactical sense were attacked and defeated, but not before they got runners off to warn their leader Ragetooth.

PC’s found the dig site, of dwarven make, infested with goblins and ogres. After fighting their way through the caern they found Ragetooth and defeated him. Further, they found an ancient artifact of a goblin skull, which used to belong to an exceptionally powerful cleric of Lamatshu named Naz’Gul’Daan. The Naz (an honorific in goblin) converted the keepers of his ‘cell’ to his cause and created an abomination for him to inhabit while waiting his release. After the PC’s found their way into his cell he was defeated with the help of Banin Forgefury, his keeper.

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